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Products and Services

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Partials and Dentures

Full Upper or Lower Denture

Valplast or Uniflex Partial U/L Dentures

RPD Upper or Lower Framework Set-up & Finish

Stayplate Flipper (1 Tooth with Ball Clasp)

Acrylic Partial (2-4 teeth with Wire Clasp)

Hard Reline

Soft Night guard

Acrylic Night Guard (Clear)



              Metal Free
   ( All Ceramic Crown and Bridge)

Lava(Zirconia) (Noritake)

Wol Ceram (Alumina) (Vita)

Empress II Crown (Authentic)

Empress II Veneer (Authentic)

Empress II Inlay/Onlay (Authentic)

Miscellaneous Procedures
        (Crown and Bridge )

Reduction copping

Cast Post

Metal Occlusal Rest

Porcelain Margin

Misc. Products and Procedures
          ( Partials and Dentures )
(included in the Dentures Procedures)

Attachment Process


Framework Weld

Cast Clasp

Bleaching Tray

(Bioform,IPN,Myerson Teeth)(1x28)

Denture Implant Attachments

   Crown and Bridge
( All Metal Crown and Bridge ) 
( w/ Ceramco )
(2.0% AU w/ Ceramco II)
(86.5% Au w/ Ceramco II)
(97.7% Au w/ Ceramco II)

Full Metal Crown

Full Gold Crown (74.2%)

AU Inlay/Onlay (74.2%)


Attachment Implant Process

Bridge 5 unit or more

Adapt Crown to Partial

We may list our product vendors and suppliers in this area.
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