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Delivery Dates

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We recognize that providing support and maintaining product quality is critical to our customer satisfaction.

Partials and Dentures
Repair or Reline (Call before 10:00)
Custom tray / Bite Block
Set-up and try- in with Teeth
Re-try in with Teeth
Framework + Bite Registration
Process to Finish (Acrylic / Valpalst or Uniflex)

Crown and Bridge     
Metal Free Crowns
Crowns and Bridges
Adapt to Partial Attachment
Rush Case

Same Day Delivery
3 days for Delivery
3 days for Delivery
2 days for Delivery
10 days for Delivery
5(Acrylic) 8(Valplast or Uniflex) days for Delivery

10 days
8/10 days
10 days
3 days

( Do not count Saturdays,Sundays,Holidays or Transit days as workdays )
Gensan Dental Laboratory *28125 Bradley Road Suite 240B* Sun City,CA * US * 92585