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Porcelain Fuse to Semi-Noble Au

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Porcelain Fuse to Semi-Noble Au
( 2.0 % Au w/ Ceramco 2 porcelain )

Aurident is dedicated to continuing to  provide only the highest quality ceramic materials available.

Aurident adds new products only after extensive market evaluation and testing.  No product is offered for sale unless Aurident receives outstanding approval on the product’s ease of use, consistency, and quality.


We use Aurident alloy on all crown and bridge.


Proven Reliability...

  2% Gold

  80% Palladium

  With almost a decade of proven reliability behind it, VISION has become a favorite of technicians nationwide. VISION is a Palladium-based, Silver-free alloy designed for porcelain fused to metal restorations. The addition of Iridium, a scarce noble metallic element of the Platinum group, insures exceedingly fine grain structure. High yield strength at elevated temperatures makes VISION resistant to margin creep. VISION is compatible with most porcelain systems. Set Your Sights On Iridium Grain Refined VISION From Aurident!

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