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Porcelain Fused to High Noble AU

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Porcelain Fused to High Noble Au     
(86.6% AU w/ Ceramco II)

Aurident is dedicated to continuing to  provide only the highest quality ceramic materials available.

Aurident adds new products only after extensive market evaluation and testing.  No product is offered for sale unless Aurident receives outstanding approval on the product’s ease of use, consistency, and quality.


We use Aurident alloy on all crown and bridge.


The Ultimate in Premium Ceramic Alloys...

  86.5% Gold

  5.4% Platinum

  4.55% Palladium

A durable alternative to palladium alloys , Auribond-GP is a high strength, high noble metal premium ceramic alloy. Its 86.5% Gold content affords Auribond-GP a pleasant light gold color, resulting in outstanding procelain shade control. Polishing characteristics are superior to most other high gold content ceramic alloys. Precise fit, excellent bond to porcelain and exceptional workability make Auribond-GP the ideal choice for long-span bridges and single units. When nothing but the best will do...count on Auribond-GP.

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