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Partial Upper or Lower Dentures

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The FUNCTIONAL Flexible Partial...

Designed for the utmost in functionality to provide the needed strength without bulkiness. You will be able to confidently resume normal - and comfortable mastication very soon after the insertion of the denture. In addition, the flexibility of the resin achieves the effect of a stress-breaker without complicated attachments. The gum tissue is gently stimulated under mastication, and unnatural stresses on the remaining natural teeth are substantially reduced. The strength of the material and resistance to chemical breakdown provides a long-lasting, unbreakable partial. By distributing the stress more naturally in the mouth compared to conventional partials), the remaining teeth and gum typically stay healthier longer than with a conventional partial. ValplastŪ functions for your comfort, confidence, and oral health.


Thermoplastic materials is flexible but not recomemnded for immediate partial due to the fact that gum will scrinck and can not be reline.

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