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Empress Crowns

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A new system in the manufacture of porcelain crowns, called Empress, allows a porcelain crown to be made without the metal understructure. Typically porcelain crowns are made by bonding the porcelain to a metal support in a process called Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM). The drawback is that unlike a natural tooth that allows light to pass through it, the metal support underneath blocks out the light. This can give the crown an opaque and lifeless look. While there previously have been systems for making porcelain crowns that do away with the metal support, most have proven to wear poorly and/or break prematurely.




IPS Empress Esthetic Veneer

With the ready-mixed opalescent IPS Empress Esthetic Veneer layering materials, the Veneer Technique has come yet another step closer to imitating nature. The IPS Empress Esthetic Ingots can be efficiently and quickly built up with the new materials. By applying the “cut-back” technique, the fully anatomic pressed IPS Empress Esthetic Ingots are reduced to a dentin-mamelon structure in the incisal third. Subsequently, the ingots can be internally characterized, e.g. mamelons can be recreated, with the Wash Pastes.

These specially shaded and ready-mixed “two-in-one” pastes improve the natural aesthetics of the overall result.

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